ULTIMATE GUY GIFT GUIDE The Best Gifts from Every Category

So it's that time of year again. You are under stress to find the perfect gifts for your girl, your mother and all the other women in your life. Sorry, but we can't help with that. However, we can help you find the perfect gift for your dad, buddies, uncles, etc. You can also use this list for a less than subtle hint to make sure you get what you want instead of another ugly christmas sweater!

Below is the ManScore Guy Gift Guide. We chose our best selection of items from all 10 categories of our ManScore Achievements (want to know more about Achievements and your ManScore? See this link)

We hope that you have a great holiday season, and that you truly get what you want!

(oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, we get a referral fee on many of the items, so if you want to keep getting our great content, do us a solid and shop below!)


The Bottle Cooler ($30)
This is one of our favorites. Nothing worse than playing an intense game of bags on a hot summer day and having your beer go warm. The bottlekeeper helps prevent the tragedy of warm beer. You're welcome.

The Ultimate Travel Coffee Mug ($150)

Don't you hate that point halfway through your morning commute when your coffee is too cold to drink and yet you still need the caffeine jolt to get you ready for a day at the office? You will love this mug. Even has a companion app so you can show the IT guys just how tech-savvy you really are.


Hot Sauce Sampler Pack ($35)

Need to spice up your life? This sampler pack will do the trick. Spices from around the world, ranging from a nice garlic herb to a flaming ghost pepper. This will add a new dynamic to any meal.

Cheese & Sausage Gift Box from Wisconsin ($25)
The two major food groups are covered with this one.


Hanging Travel Shaving Kit ($19)

The savvy traveler knows how to pack well. This bag will help. Plus it hangs up nicely to maximize space in that tiny youth hostel you booked in Estonia.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones ($299)

Air travel can be just wonderul - what's better than climbing into a metal tube with a few hundred not necessarily completely healthy strangers? These headsets are a must-have travel accessory. That screaming baby in the row behind you will fade away as you relax to a little Metallica.


Recycled Vinyl Record Drink Coasters ($24)
Genuine vintage Vinyl Record Albums Crafted into Coasters. This is for the guy who is always telling you how much better vinyl is.

Hodor Door Holder ($13)

For the GOT (Game of Thrones) fan. Don't let Hodor's efforts go unrewarded. Get your own "Hold the door" Hodor doorstop.


NFL BBQ Set ($69)
Any true fan needs one of these sets. Be the grill master in style.

NCAA Logo Stadium Seat ($21-$58)
Don't go to our bucket list of stadiums without one of these.

Elite Hookey Ring Toss Game ($35)
Can't have a dart board because they don't trust you with pointy objects? Then this game is for you. Perfect for any Man Cave.

Ultimate Lego Sets
These Lego sets are good for boys of any age.

App Controlled Batmobile ($100)

James Bond Aston Martin ($256)

Bugatti Chiron ($350)

Ultimate Millennium Falcon ($800)

Portable Campfire ($28)
Spice up any night on the beach or the back porch with a "campfire in a can".

Pathfinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ($299)
This is the perfect way to get out on the water (and work on your balance).


Fitbit Versa Smart Watch ($149)
So you can track your heart rate while you sit on the couch watching football.

Resistance Band Kit ($8)
This is the perfect kit to take on the road so you can work out anywhere. Or use it to raise your heart rate that's tracked by your Fitbit while you sit on the couch watching football.


The Ultimate Bike Repair Kit ($22)
Don't get stuck on the side of the trail. This has everything you need.

Golf Balls ($20-$50 per dozen)
Because a guy can never have too many golf balls (especially the way the ManScore team golfs!)

Magnetic wristband for holding screws, nails and small tools ($12)
The perfect gift for the DIY guy! Keeps from losing all the little parts when taking on your next project.

Lace Babydoll Strap Chemise Halter Lingerie ($15)
So technically, it's not for a guy, but this is always a guy's favorite gift to unwrap. This is the one where you need to drop subtle hints to that lady friend in your life.

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