THE HOTTEST WOMEN IN SPORTS Taking Badass to New Levels

They can hit, sprint, jab, serve, barrel, and dunk better than most dudes…and look way better doing it.

In a pursuit to round up some of the most smoking women in sports—not to look at them simply as bodies, but (hard) ones in motion—we scoured the courts, boards, and fields for the hottest female athletes that turn heads for more reasons that physique. These women, spanning six different sports, surpass the norm in accomplishment and allure, making up the crème de la crème of female athletes around the world. They’ve got titles, medal, and records, and not for being just another gorgeous face. But this athleticism and drive only adds to their sex appeal, which is off the charts.

What we’re saying is, we’d give up football for a one-on-one game with these athletes…knowing full and well we’d lose.

Michelle Jenneke - Track
The Australian hurdler gained our utmost attention in 2012 when her light-hearted warm-up dance melted us to pre-pubescent little boys. Everyone from Fox News to The Tonight Show took notice. As you could imagine, Jenneke is also a model, so it was a storm of her good looks and horsepower that landed the Olympic freshman on a Billboard entering the Rio Games. She came out 6th in her 100m heat at the 2016 games, which is still faster than any of us can hurdle. She recently finished 8th at Universiade, but she’s still the first girl we’d ever ask to dance. (If we got the guts after being floored by her flexed Instagram photos and girl-next-door smile.)

Cecilia Brækhus - Boxing
Fit for the White House, the First Lady of Boxing, Cecilia Brækhus, makes us ready to get on our hands and knees and bow down to boxing royalty. The Norwegian professional boxer and former kickboxer has dominated the female welterweight belt since 2014, and…wait, yeah, she hasn’t lost a match yet. Brækhus did however receive one blow in the form of a girl-on-girl kiss from competitor Mikaela Laurén during a weigh in. We don’t blame you, Mikaela. Brækhus makes us weak at the knees with her always-sophisticated style, coy smile, rich coco skin, and one hell of a hook. (Look at those biceps!)

Tatiana Weston-Webb - Surfing
The 2nd best female surfer in the world right now, Tatiana Weston-Webb ranks runner up in the current 2017 Women’s Qualifying Series, and it’s easy to see why. The bleached-hair surf bum got her first surf board at eight years old, and now at 21 is taking the sport by siege (Khaleesi style). And it’s simple math that being a Brazilian/American surfer from Hawaii and spending all day thrashing through swells, that you’d develop a rocking body. We’re not the only ones who have noticed, as Weston-Webb was named #1 Hottest Woman by Surfer Magazine in 2016. We’re just grateful she lives in a bikini.

Skylar Kierra Diggins-Smith - Basketball
This dribbling goddess summons sexy Amazonian warrior vibes as the Dallas Wings #4 point-guard. She was the third overall draft pick in 2013 and continues showing up as a force to be reckoned with, awarded the Best WNBA Player ESPY Award in 2015. Even back in her collegiate days she was slaying as a three-time All-America at Notre Dame, and was named a Gatorade Player of the Year…twice. Yes, her shoulders might be bigger than ours and we might have to go on tippie-toes for a kiss (in your dreams), but the 5’9 all-American girl is sweet, sultry, and knows how to rock a bikini, cocktail dress, and sports bra with equal excellence. Don’t get too excited, she’s taken.

Eugenie Bouchard - Tennis
Move over Sharapova and Wozniacki, this 23-year-old Canadian back-hander is taking lead as the hottest female tennis player on the court. The tennis wunderkind came into her own winning the Junior Wimbledon Champion, a WTA Title, and placing in the Grand Slam final. Although her 2017 stats haven’t been a gleaming image of authority, Bouchard’s got plenty of time, and is spending her time sweating up the practice court, trying her hand at golf (*fanning ourselves), modeling for Nike’s Nikecourt collections, and traveling the world. The blond-haired Betty opts for a make-up-free look, which we’ve come to adore…especially in her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017 photos.

Nataliya Obmochaeva - Volleyball
Before you finish pronouncing her name, you’ll be slack jawed. The Ukranian female volleyball player is unmistakable for her eastern-European features reminiscent of a James Bond girl, wall of silver and gold medals from her time on the Russian and Ukranian National Teams, and not to mention her supermodel height (6’4!). Dark hair and long, strong legs are just the icing on this superior athlete’s charms. On the court, her smile slips away and she stares down the volley ready to destroy…which could be why she’s been named the best player in the Russian Super League three times since 2014. (Yeah, that’s every year.)

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