The Baja California Peninsula is the 775 mile strip of West Mexico land that hangs out in the Pacific Ocean. The peninsula is separated from mainland Mexico by the Gulf of California, also known as the the Sea of Cortez. At the very southern tip of this peninsula is Cabo San Lucas. There is a full schedule of things to do here: fishing, golf, scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, horseback riding, tons of resorts and lots of tequila and cerveza-fueled nightlife. It’s just a two hour flight from Los Angeles to Cabo, which is faster than most LA commutes. Bisbee's Los Cabos Offshore, the world’s richest marlin tournament in the world happens there every October—the winning fish gets around $1.5 million. Also in October is the birthday celebration of Cabo’s most famous ambassador, former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar.

Sport fishing, some of the world’s best golf, 12 months of sunshine and Sammy Hagar—that would convince the most discerning traveler, but for those still on the fence…here are reasons to visit Cabo this winter.

5. Best Drinks in the World
“Best in the world?” Sure, we understand that’s an ambitious claim, but we’re not budging. Similar to how Guinness tastes better in Ireland—Mexican beer tastes better in Cabo and NOTHING is better than a Mexican beer with a lime on a hot day. And we love Corona just as much as the next guy, but it’s just one of the many good Mexican beers. There is the Modelo Negra, Modelo Especial, Pacífico and Dos Equis to name a few—all are incredible. Angels sing each time a margarita is made in Cabo—each is made with all the care and craftsmanship of Mexico. Tequila is amazing and cheap, enjoy the El Jimador and Don Julio (try a shot of Don Julio 1942 or Don Julio Real).

4. Best Food in the World
The food…fajitas, tostadas, quesadillas, nachos, chile rellenos and seafood are to die for. Every meal we had during a recent visit tasted extremely fresh. Farm-to-table is the norm in Cabo—the vegetables and herbs were from the garden. ManScore recently stayed at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica all-inclusive resort—there are five onsite restaurants and the quality of the food was the regular conversation among guests. Pacifica is one of four resorts situated near one another—next door at sister resort Sunset Beach, be sure to go for sushi at Tazuna—it comes straight from the neighboring Pacific.

3. The Word “Breathtaking” Is Overused for Golf Courses, It’s Fitting in Cabo
Some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world are in Cabo—all the big names in golf course design have moved dirt in Mexico: Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Davis Love III and Tiger Woods. ManScore recently teed it up at Quivira Golf Club and it was breathtaking indeed. The golf cart ride from the fourth green to the No. 5 tee box is more than a mile—the cart path winds up the side of a small mountain to offer some of the most beautiful golf course views in the world. And here is what we really love about Quivira: throughout the golf course are four “Comfort Stations,” which are fully equipped with margaritas from scratch, cold Mexican beer and fresh Mexican food. Birdie, par or bogey…who cares? Even the most serious golfer will find themselves gladly and willingly falling into the relaxed Cabo pace of play. Bring the camera.

2. Some of the Warmest People in the World
It’s hard to describe the hospitality in Cabo, but the word “warmth” comes to mind. From the airport, to the hotel shuttle, to hotel check-in, to dinner and onto the bar for the fiesta—the people there operate with sincere passion and concern.

1. There Are Literally Hundreds of Other Reasons to Visit Cabo, Here Are a Few
It doesn’t get cold in Cabo—the sun shines 12 months a year. Some of the greatest party animals to ever live love to visit Cabo—Charlie Sheen and Johnny Manziel have given the nightlife their blessing. Be sure to visit El Squid Roe (bar/nightclub) and ring in the New Year with Paul Oakenfold at the Blue Marlin. Also, go to Cabo for sport fishing, for relaxing on the beach, for shopping (the hottest selling item right now is the, your favorite sports team painted sombrero) and go for the deals—flights to Cabo are some of the best rates of any destination. People in Texas, Arizona and California know about the magic of Cabo, but it should be on everyone’s radar. Travelers get into a rut —i.e. people on the East Coast typically vacation in Florida, Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean. It’s time for a change. Try Cabo this winter.

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