HOW TO TRAIN FOR YOUR FIRST 5K Read This Before You Hurt Yourself

So you’re thinking about running a 5k? Perhaps you were drunkenly boasting that you could outrun your buddies, not knowing that they run 20 miles a week? That may or may not have happened to me. Don’t worry, you can learn from my experience!

How long will it take you to prepare for a 5K? Well, that depends, how long has it been since you've walked a longer distance than the couch to the refrigerator? Whatever you do, don’t run it cold!

We've done the homework for you. Below is a collection of training guides, organized by how much time you have (oh, and don't forget our disclaimer at the bottom - if you pull a hammy, it isn’t our fault – you should learn not to talk smack around your friends!)

If You Have Two Weeks

Check out the Microsoft Lifestyle Guide - Couch to 5K in 14 Days

or the Live Strong Guide - Two Week Training Plan For Running a 5K

If You Have Four Weeks

The Greatest has a guide entitled - Exactly How to Train for a 5K Turkey Trot in Just 3.5 Weeks

and Very Well Fit has this plan - Four-Week 5K Training Plan for Beginners

If You Have Five Weeks

Men's Health has a great five week guide by skill level here - The Ultimate 5K Race Plan

If You Have Eight Weeks or More

Nike has one of the best guides we found - 5K Training Plan

We hope you have a great race day experience. For many, running your first race is a gateway into a whole new world of fitness. The entire ManScore team wishes you luck!

*Always consult a physician before you start a new physical activity. Running can lead to injury. If you have any concerns, shortness of breath, extreme soreness, etc., please contact your physician immediately.

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