SHAQUEM GRIFFIN - THE BEST STORY OF THE NFL DRAFT Determination and Perseverance Took Shaquem to the NFL

The ManScore team has tried to be excited about the NFL draft. We know the NFL is trying to glitz it up and make it exciting. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t working for us. Then along came the Shaquem Griffin story. To say Shaquem is an inspiration for us all is truly an understatement.

It's a Brother Thing

On Saturday, April 28, 2018, The Seattle Seahawks picked Shaquem Griffin as the 141st pick in the NFL draft. The cool part of the story is that last year, his twin brother Shaquill, was also selected by the Seahawks in the NFL draft. These two have been inseparable their entire lives, even pushing colleges to recruit them together as a package. The dynamic duo is together again.


And His Family Could Not Be Happier

You might say that his family was a little bit happy about him being selected by the ‘Hawks in the fifth round, as evidenced by this Twitter post.


A Stellar Prospect
Shaquem was a coveted draft pick after running a 4.38 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, the fastest for a LB since 2003! He also got 20 reps in the 225 bench press, which is pretty amazing for a few reasons. Shaquem may not be the biggest linebacker, but he can motor. His speed and quickness allow him to cover the entire field.

SHAQUEM TURNING HEADS AT THE NFL COMBINE (image credit - Orlando Sentinal)

One More Part to the Story

At ManScore, we have created an app that allows you to track all the things you do in your life. Our ManScore Achievement database has always had a spot for making it to the big time in football. The Achievement: “Play Professional Football (Any league, including Practice Squad)” is a ManScore Achievement that was earned by all of the draft picks this weekend.

Our team, however, is going to be adding a new achievement in honor of the Seahawks new pick. You see, Shaquem is not any ordinary NFL draftee. He has made the pros WITHOUT A LEFT HAND! He had to have it amputated at age four due to a birth defect.

Look, we are trying not to make a big deal out of it. Shaquem has said repeatedly that he wants to be known for his abilities and determination, not for his lack of one hand. I’m sorry, Shaquem, we just can’t do that. You represent everything that we strive for – making the most out of life, no matter what happens!

So here you go, the Shaquem Griffin Achievement has just been added to our app. Shaquem - we hope you have a long and successful NFL career.


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