It’s that nostalgic season where the leaves are changing and love is in the air. So get on out there with your cozy loved one and don’t miss these 10 amazing autumnal activities!

Attend a Football Game (Consider Supporting Your Local College or High School)
America loves its football, and it’s not just for watching with your dudes. This is a great time to get cozy with a wool blanket, put some warm drink in a thermos, and cuddle up with your significant other. While the NFL is always a good time, I think you’ll have a better time date-wise if you go and support your local college or high school team.

Go to the Farmer’s Market
We just had the harvest moon, so go enjoy that harvest! I tend to associate farmer's markets with summertime, but October is the time of year for squash, pumpkins, and yams. Not only that, but many vegetables have a second harvest that lines up for this time, making it possible to get a perfect haul.

Visit Your Local Brewery
Now’s the time when your local breweries will start turning over their local brews to include their new seasonal options. Go try them out while they’re still testing out the recipes for themselves.

Make Caramel Apples
In case you’ve never had an actual caramel apple, you should know: they (thankfully) taste nothing like caramel apple lollipops. It’s a totally different sensory experience. The caramel is gooey, the apples crisp, and if eaten quickly after dipping, a unique combination of warm and cool. Don’t feel the need to stop at just using caramel however, try dipping your apples in fudge and rolling them in any number of crumbly treats (nuts, sprinkles, etc).

Go on a Fall Foliage Drive
You don’t need to have an endgame or a specific place in mind. Just hop in the car, pick up some hot coffee, and crack the windows to feel the crisp air as you mosey your way through the beautiful Fall foliage. It never hurts to get out of the city for a while and appreciate that natural beauty.

Go on a Spooky Tour (graveyard, haunted prison, city walk)
I initially started writing an article about the best haunted houses to visit in America. I got about a quarter of the way through before I was like, “Nope. Too scary, too messed up.” There were too many super intense places where you have to sign waivers and they can cover you in pig’s blood or cut your hair or something. That said, maybe that’s your kink so here you go, consider that…but just maybe a more moderate version.

Find Your Way Through a Corn Maze
Kind of the Spooky Tour for lameos. All joking aside, you’ll usually find these sidled up to pumpkin patches or other autumnal activities so you’ll probably be able to knock out two events in one.

Cook an Amazing Pie
I’ve seen a lot a movie trailers where couples rekindle their romance while baking pies (the Labor Day trailer, anyone?) so apparently this is a thing. Apple and Pumpkin are probably your most traditional options, but see what suits your fancy (and isn’t too far outside your skill level).

Rake Up A Pile of Leaves and Jump In It
I don’t need to elaborate on the virtues of enjoying this, do I?

Make a Scarecrow
This is a great activity to do with kids, your own or maybe your younger siblings. It’s also a fantastic excuse to purge through the clothing you no longer need. Go ahead and donate it to charity once you’re done with the scarecrow (but give it a good wash if it’s been sitting out all season).

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