TOPGOLF: THE NEW DRIVING RANGE Suddenly, Everyone Decided It Would Be Fun

It was the year 2000 in the U.K. when the Jolliffe brothers and a licensee developed the first three Topgolf locations. Then in 2005, the first U.S. Topgolf location was built in Alexander, Virginia. Today there are 40 locations worldwide with another 14 in development. Indeed, Topgolf has become one of the most popular entertainment options in the world.

What if someone would have said in 1995 that a driving would be a popular thing to do in 2018—what would you have said?

You would have told them they were insane.

Topgolf changed the game and blended technology and entertainment for golfers, non-golfers, children and adults to create fun for everyone. “Non-golfers,” imagine that—people that don’t even play golf flock to Topgolf in droves. And people go for things other than golf—they go for good food, cold beer, craft cocktails, loud music and a little friendly competition.

Here are a few ManScore menu suggestions: breakfast burrito if you’re just rolling outta bed, the chicken and waffle sliders any time of day or a 60 ounce “Golf Bag” Topgolf margarita (also a good decision any time of day).

However, without a doubt, Topgolf’s greatest offering is to get your buddies out there and beat them like a drum—sweep the leg—no mercy. We recommend all the Topgolf locations, but if we had to choose four, we’d start with these.

Las Vegas, Nevada at the MGM Grand
Not all Topgolf’s are created equal and Vegas rarely loses at entertainment. Open until 2 a.m. seven days a week—in addition to 107 climate-controlled hitting bays, there are also two pools, bottle service, VIP cabanas, five bars and a concert venue. Back on November 4, Crystal Garden featuring Boyd Tinsley from Dave Matthews Band performed—good tunes. And when the rodeo comes to town, there is a mechanical bull. Vegas, baby. Topgolf, baby.

Nashville, Tennessee
Good ol’ Nashvegas—this brand-new location opened in September 2017. Nashville is one of the great live music cities in America. Here’s a little secret—for those that don’t like country music—there are at least a hundred blues bars. And the food is incredible: Arnold's Country Kitchen is always a good bet (Party Fowl too). And the Topgolf there is extra special—like Vegas it has a concert venue. You never know which country star is gonna walk through that door—if you’re into that sorta thing.

Miami Gardens, Florida
One of the newest of all Topgolf locations, the Miami Gardens location, is situated between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. ManScore’s appreciation for South Florida has been well documented and this new Topgolf location will only make “The 305” a little better. Nightclubs, beaches and now Topgolf.

Topgolf Miami Gardens Director of Operations Matt Barkelew said this, “Topgolf set sights on a South Florida location years ago, so this is a highly anticipated location for our company and the community. South Florida is a thriving, vibrant area with an ideal climate for outdoor entertainment. We look forward to providing residents and tourists with a new social destination for interactive fun.”

In a nutshell, tourists now have another place to post photos with the hashtag, “#ImInMiamiBitch.” For the love of god people, please stop.

Centennial, Colorado
Less than 30 minutes southeast of downtown Denver is one of Colorado’s newest tourist attractions. After 10 months of construction, this location opened to rave reviews. Another Topgolf location north of Denver in Thornton, Colorado has been in limbo for months—some residents there didn’t feel Topgolf was a “good fit” for the community. You could say that location went up in smoke…those people should mellow out.

Perhaps in the future, families will pile in the station wagon for a night at the gun range…maybe archery will become a common first date activity…that seems absurd tho, right? That’s what people would have said about going to a driving range and the Jolliffe brothers changed that.

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