THE LAKE HOUSE: ACHIEVEMENT HEAVEN Your Guide to a ManScore Filled Weekend With the Crew

Grab the guys (and your significant others) and head to achievement heaven: the lake house. Finally land that 180 on a wakeboard, catch a large-mouth bass or catch some rays sipping a new IPA; the possibilities for a bucket-list filled weekend are endless. We all know someone who’s got one and you’d be hard pressed to find a cheaper, more affordable ManScore getaway. Let’s do this.

Water Sports
This one is pretty obvious as—after all—you are at a lake. Wakeboarding, water skiing, kneeboarding and tubing are some of the most popular sports, yet some new, more extreme water activities have gained popularity in the last couple years. Try out wake surfing, where you simply ride the wave made by the boat without a tow rope or any attachment to the watercraft. Of course, you’ll need a large lake that allows it and a boat with an inboard motor that has enough power to create a big wake, but it should definitely be on everyone’s lake bucket-list.

“Some fish all their lives without knowing it’s not really the fish they’re after.” Let’s be real; fishing is one of the best excuses we have to just sit around and do nothing with the buddies. Soak up some sun and get some bass and crappie during the day, or wait till nightfall and try to land a massive catfish. Personally, night fishing is where it’s at. Throw your line out there (cut bait works best), put a bell on the pole, slip it into a holder and go sit around the fire until you hear a ring. Some might say it’s “lazy fishing” but that 15-minute battle to bring in a 16-pound channel cat is absolutely exhilarating and one you don’t often get during the day.

Adult Beverages
No lake weekend would be complete without indulging in some tasty adult beverages. Use this time to try out some new craft brews or to finally crack open that 18-year Macallan you’ve been saving. For the more “party” crowd, concoct a mix drink in a large beverage cooler (mixing beer, vodka and lemonade concentrate works wonders). Of course, never mix alcohol and boating; real men know how to drink responsibly.

Okay, grillmasters, here’s your chance to show off them skills. After a long day of being out on the water, nothing satisfies more than some well-made meat. Use this opportunity to stray from the standards (burgers and dogs) and get creative. Check out these two ManScore articles to give you some ideas: How to Smoke Your Meat & Go Beyond the Burger.

Motors and Stuff
Get back on land and let’s go muddin’. This will depend on where you are, but if you have the land, go ATVing, dirtbiking or sling some mud with your truck. See who’s the fastest out of your buddies and get that smack talk going. Also—not achievement related, but still awesome—most lake communities allow golf carts, and there’s no better way to get around than at 5mph.

We’ve all played cornhole (or bags) at literally every single BBQ we’ve been to; so, let’s mix it up. Try out beersbie, a take on polish horseshoes, where the object is to throw a frisbee and hit the other teams pole so that it knocks down the beer bottle that is perched atop. The other team then tries to catch the frisbee and beer bottle, all while holding a drink and doing everything one-handed. Trust me; it’s awesome. Hillbilly golf is also a great addition to your yard game rotation, as well as washers and life-sized Jenga. At night, get a game of pool going or deal out a poker game.

Let us know what other achievements you’ve completed at a lake house!

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