It is finally almost football season, the time for beer, wings, fantasy leagues, and everything manly. While spending Sunday afternoons on the couch watching your favorite team is enjoyable, nothing quite compares to packing in a stadium with 60,000+ other fans to see a game live. Check out ManScore’s top 5 stadiums that should be on your bucket list.

5. AT&T Stadium
Okay, “Jerry Land” is probably best suited for live concerts and entertainment, but there’s no denying that the stadium is a true spectacle to witness. Costing over $1 Billion, AT&T Stadium holds 80,000 people, making it the fifth largest capacity football arena in the league. And any stadium that has a screen stretching from the 20-yard line to the 20-yard line deserves a spot on ManScore’s list. Can you imagine playing Call of Duty on that thing? Crazy.

4. University of Phoenix Stadium
Voted one of the most “impressive” sports facilities on the planet, University of Phoenix Stadium is the first of its kind to have a fully retractable playing field. That means that they can grow the grass field outside and wheel it in—okay, it’s a little more complicated than that—to the closed arena before game time. Simply put, it’s amazing. Make sure to also check out the Westgate Entertainment District across the street, the perfect place before and after the game.

3. U.S. Bank Stadium
U.S. Bank Stadium is the must-see stadium in the NFL—architecture-wise. Opened in 2016, this $1 Billion glass-dominated, behemoth of an arena is clean, new and extremely enjoyable for the whole family. It will host the Super Bowl in 2018, the NCAA Final Four in 2019 and countless other events, so if the Vikings aren’t your thing, there will be plenty of opportunities to visit the greatness that is U.S. Bank Stadium.

2. CenturyLink Field
CenturyLink Field is known for its amazing architecture that creates an auditory swirling effect and one of the loudest atmospheres in football. On September 15, 2013, fans roared to 136.6 decibels. At that volume, permanent ear damage can occur in less than 30 seconds. Be a part of the “12th man” and help the Seahawks out in what is one of the greatest stadiums built for the fans. And maybe wear some ear protection?

1. Lambeau Field
Like Wrigley Field to baseball, Lambeau Field is the mecca of football. One of the oldest stadiums left, history breathes here and you can surely expect a spiritual experience. The small-town of Green Bay (the stadium almost holds more people than the population of the town) makes for a one-of-a-kind, unique football atmosphere. This is the bucket list NFL stadium and ManScore’s top of all time.

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