MEERI IS BETTER THAN YOU Meeri Räisänen is One Amazing Goalie

So guys, you think you can play hockey? You won’t get anything past Meeri Räisänen. Meeri is the goaltender for the Finnish Ice Hockey team at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. This 29 year old is living proof that women can pretty much do anything men can do. She’s proven it – she’s played in a men’s professional hockey league for two seasons! Keep an eye out for her at these Olympic games.

But as much as you get your hopes up, you’ll just have to face facts. She’s better than you. Here's proof:

She’s More Flexible Than You Are

She Could Embarrass You in the Gym

She Sleeps with Her Skates On

She’s Got Better Balance

She Looks Better by the Pool

And Face It Guys, You Are Never Going to Score on Her!

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