Thanks for downloading the ManScore app! We understand the struggle of trying to figure out a new app, so we’re here to give you a quick guide on how to get started. For the visual learners, you will find a video at the bottom of the page showing some of these steps.

First, here’s some terms that are frequently used throughout the ManScore universe that you’re going to want to know:

Achievement - Everything on our list that you can complete to earn points is called an Achievement. They can be as simple as “Drink a Miller Lite” or as epic as “Climb Mt. Everest”.

ManScore - Your ManScore is the number that you’ll use to see where you stand against your friends. It is a calculated number between 0-1000 derived from ManScore's proprietary algorithm. We want you to become the most well rounded version of yourself, so get out there and try something new. 

Total Points - Every achievement has a point value that you receive when you complete it. Your Total Points is the accumulation of all these points.

Bonus Achievement - Most categories have Bonus Achievements, an added incentive for completing a certain number of achievements from the same topic. Example: You golfed in 5 states - the Bonus Achievement will automatically trigger and you will receive bonus points.

Step 1: Add Friends
The most important thing to do right away is add some friends. Select the Friends tab and the plus sign in the upper left. From there, you can add friends from Facebook, your address book, or invite more to join. You can also create Groups, which makes it easier to see where you rank among family, friends or co-workers. 

Step 2: Score Your First Points
The red check mark tab takes you the Achievement Center. From here, you can find and score points in a variety of ways. Using our taxonomy format, you can drill down high level categories and topics to find an achievement. The map function will show you places to complete achievements around you. As well, you can use the search bar to find achievements. Once you’ve found the right achievement, click on “Score For +x Points” and create a post. You can upload photo/video proof, tag friends and location and share to other social media. Once you hit “Post”, you will receive your first points and your achievement post will show up in your friend’s feeds.  

Step 3: Add to your Bucket List
On every Achievement Detail Page, you can add to your Bucket List, which can be found on your Profile. Friends can see each other’s Bucket List and give each other ideas on achievements to go out and complete.

Step 4: Approve a Friend’s Achievement
Scroll through your Achievement Feed and let that friend know you Approve of their accomplishment. Leave a comment or add that achievement to your Bucket List. And if you disagree with a friend's post, Call BS and challenge them. ManScore is all about friendly competition. 

Now that you have a basic understanding of how the ManScore app works, we encourage you to get out there and start scoring!

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