DON'T SCREW UP VALENTINE'S DAY We Have Your Back! You Can't Go Wrong with These Gifts

Look, every guy has done it once. It’s some Hallmark holiday, or her birthday, or the anniversary of the first day you met her, whatever, and you FORGET A GIFT! Don’t do that for Valentine’s Day. Women like to be appreciated and heaven forbid that she gets you a gift and you are empty handed. We at ManScore have your back. See our recommendations to keep you out of the dog house. And thanks to Amazon Prime, you’ll have the gift in time. (Not a Prime member – click here to get a monthly trial (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) – YOU WILL THANK US LATER!)

We are giving you three categories to choose from. The classics, the more thoughtful items, and the ones that you get a benefit from too. Click through on the images below to order.

Before we get into the categories, don't forget to get her a card! A card can cover the fact that you don't have a gift, but a gift without a card may not be enough! And don't forget to jot a personal note! The Handmade Real Wood Cards are always a hit.

The Classics

Flowers – Every girl loves them. Play up the fact that you picked them out and you should be golden.

Chocolates – Another classic, but don’t go overboard.

Thoughtful Items

Earrings - A classy pair of earrings is always a relatively safe choice. Just don't buy her something she already has! The women in our lives seemed to like the set below:

Designer Makeup - This one is a bit of a risk. You may get accused of implying that she needs makeup. The correct response is "I just love how beautiful you are when you are all dressed up". Supposedly, this Tom Ford guy is a big deal (link below).

The Gifts with Benefits

Lingerie - Lingerie is awesome! Just don’t screw up the size! If you have to guess – go to the smaller side! Tighter lingerie is ok. Implying that she is bigger than she is will lead to disaster! Done right, this will be a gift that you will also enjoy!

Video Games - OK, this one could be a risk. But if you can get her to play video games with you, it can lead to some great stay-at-home date nights. Sort of an 'Xbox and Chill' evening if you get our meaning. The Jack series are a good place to start.

And to really make her happy...

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