When the weather gets colder and we head for the holidays, there’s never a better time to bust out some beloved board and card games. While you might be inclined to think of them just as games for kids, they’re not. A good board game facilitates some much-desired face-to-face interaction and often hours of laughter and anguish intermixed. Here are six games that you really ought to check out...

Truth be told, I’ve only actually finished one game of Risk in my life. It was the summer of 2003 and it lasted for six hours. With that said, it’s a cherished memory that makes it clear to me why Risk has been one of the most popular board games since it was first created by a French filmmaker in 1957. This multi-player board game of strategy is known to take a while to complete since the ultimate goal of the game is to take over the world, one territory at a time. It’s a great game for getting people together over the weekend or while holed up in a cabin. Also, check out the endless themed variations of the game (Star Wars, Walking Dead, Marvel, etc.).

Scrabble is an all-time hit for adult board game aficionados. Its literary bent and slow-moving pace make it the perfect game to play when there’s inclement weather outside. Those with a gift for anagrams are sure to prosper here—just keep a dictionary on hand for the disputes that inevitably arise.

Settlers of Catan
Very much inspired by Risk, Settlers of Catan take the early colonial world primarily off of the battlefield and into the marketplace as settlers build and maintain holdings while trading for goods. Catan, as it’s commonly called, has a steeper learning curve than Risk and requires a greater amount of strategy and understanding. However, with the increased complexity comes increased enjoyment. But beware: I’ve seen actual friendships soured by getting too into this game. But I say that by way of recommending how truly absorbing this game can be and how enjoyable it is (just don’t take it too seriously). Originally designed in Germany, this multiplayer board game is the first German-style board game to achieve success outside of Europe. And by achieve success, I mean become the number one favorite board game of college kids across America.

Cards Against Humanity
I’m going to go ahead and issue a general caveat: don’t play this game with your immediate family. Built like the beloved card game Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity takes the entertainment to a whole new level through truly NSFW language and unexpected subject matter. While this game is a hit for parties since it’s very easy to explain and set up, it’s not for the faint of heart or the easily offended. If you’re not interested in buying the game for whatever reason, you can also download and print out the entire game from the manufacturers themselves for free. I recently spent a lot of time visiting a friend in the hospital over the course of a scary surgery, and this game was an absolute godsend; we were honestly laughing for hours.

Catchphrase can be easy to dismiss at first since there’s a good chance you played it as a kid. The modern version of the game features two teams passing a digital console between them that displays different words (often within a given category) that they have to get their teammates to guess before the timer runs out. This game is perfect to play with old friends or family because part of the joy comes from using the quickest shorthand you can to provoke a certain response. And nobody knows your old jokes and speedy references like friends and family.

Sheriff of Nottingham
Prince John is coming to Nottingham making it an ideal time for merchants to sell their goods. The question is whether to make a steady, small profit by bringing in legal merchandise or risk it all and try sneaking in some illicit goods? The Sheriff is always on the lookout and has the power to confiscate your goods. Will you bribe him? Direct his attention to someone else? Beg for mercy? Players take turns as the Sheriff and as merchants in this fast-rising hit of a board game that will give you hours of playful entertainment.

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