8 NOT SO BORING WORKOUTS Slim Down With These Non-Traditional Routines

It is probably safe to say that we all dream of having a toned body and a six pack; it's a great goal to aspire to. But, so many of us dreamers are also held back by the monotony of the same old free-weights, treadmill and weight rack workouts. Don't worry, ManScore's got your back. There are all kinds of exercises that are much more exciting and interesting than just picking up weights and putting them back down. Stop dreading your workouts and make things exciting with one of these new variations you haven’t tried yet.

1. Card Workout
Got a deck of cards? Perfect, because that’s pretty much all you will need for this body burner of a workout. The basic format is this: flip a card, do the exercise that corresponds to that card, repeat as fast as possible until all cards have been flipped. I was shown this workout from a friend of mine and I must say, it definitely beats you down and is a great cardio substitute. Here is the layout of the cards:

Each suit corresponds to a different exercise. See the following example:
Hearts: Push Ups
Diamonds: Pull Ups
Spades: Sit ups
Clubs: Body weight Squats
Jokers: 4-count Flutter Kicks
The reps come from the card that is flipped:
2-9: Face Value
10 & Face Cards: 10 Reps
Aces: 15 reps
Jokers: 50
This is just one example of how the workout can be done but the object is to complete all of the reps in the least amount of time possible. So, after your first go, don’t be discouraged! It gets easier the more you do it and allows for all kinds of variation because you can pick the exercises that are done for each suit. My best time is 16 minutes, can you beat it?

2. Aqua Spin Class
There is a special classification of people who have a strong dislike for running who will do just about anything to avoid it. They acknowledge that aerobic exercise is important and has great benefits for your cardiovascular system, but the thought of running on a treadmill or out in the elements makes them sick. Lucky for them there are a wide range of alternatives to running and one of the latest trends is a spin class…in the pool. Water biking is an up and coming trend in many fitness centers due to its extra challenge and benefits for the body. Spin classes in general are a non-weight bearing aerobic exercise but putting them into the pool increases the friendliness that the exercise has to your joints. The water increases resistance to your leg and core muscles as you bike, while also providing an environment for smoother movements and less stress on your body. Not only that, but you can cool down during the workout since you are already in the pool.

3. Hills
The 85’ Bears were filled with some of the greatest athletes to ever play the game. Although they were filled with greats, none were as great as “Sweetness.” Walter Payton was and still is THE running back to beat and he got that way by using a very special workout. He had this hill in Arlington Heights, now called “Payton’s Hill,” where he would run sprints once a day, which allowed him to build legs like a race horse. Hill workouts are primarily focused on sprints and running but can also be complemented with added body weight exercises. Reach the top and do a set of push-ups. Walk down and get 15 sit ups in. You can really make the workout into what you want and adapt it as you see fit. There is no question that whatever you end up doing, you will build some serious leg muscle, increase your cardio endurance and get a sexy bod at the same time. Work like “Sweetness” and become a champion.

4. Sandbag Training
Sandbags have a lot of practical use as a counter weight, building barriers for flood control or when you get bored with your friends and want to build a trench for an epic paintball battle. Outside of construction, sand bags are also a great tool for fitness. There are tutorials for how to make your own or you can go for the top of the line fitness sandbags which are made specifically for exercise. The benefits of working out with a sandbag is that the weight constantly shifts. Because of this, no rep will be the same as another, which forces your muscles and joints to work in different ways throughout the entire workout. This also engages the minor muscles in your body that help with stabilizing and provides an entirely different burn. You can do most free weight lifts, just with a different type of weight and movement. So, don’t just pick up weights, get a sack and throw it around!

5. Mixed Martial Arts
Seeing Rampage Jackson throw down in the octagon is one of the most adrenaline filled moments seen on TV and also one of the most intimidating. Most guys envision a time where they would have to use their subpar self defense skills and how that situation would play out for us, oftentimes not in our favor. What we can do to fix that situation is take MMA classes to increase our skills and become a total badass. One huge benefit to mixed martial arts, outside of being able to kick ass, is how incredibly fit it can make you and the cardio benefits gained. Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, judo and muay thai are just a few styles which include both striking and grappling techniques focusing on power as well as endurance. Step out of your comfort zone to build some confidence, muscle mass and a wide repertoire of self defense skills.

6. Battle Ropes
Remember in elementary school when we had to climb the ropes in gym? To some of us, this was the best day of gym class because we could show off our monkey-like climbing skills. To others, this was a day that they dreaded because the ropes would tear up your hands, you would work super hard and never reach the top. Well, the fitness community has brought ropes back to us but with a different twist. Battle ropes are a gym accessory that can be used to get your core and arms shredded through a series of endurance movements. You would think that this wouldn’t be that exhausting because you are stationary while using them, but this workout is one of the toughest endurance exercises around. Add a burpee sequence, side lunges or a plank into the mix and create a totally different workout that includes the whole body. Run through it as a Tabata or push your limits with reps as your goal. No matter what you try, you will test your mental toughness and feel the burn.

7. TRX
TRX stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise and the TRX band is the at the top of the line when it comes to resistance exercise equipment. This exercise equipment is meant to be used just about anywhere. You can hang the band off a door, secure it around a tree, suspend from a beam in your garage or take it to the gym and connect it to any overhead bar. No matter where you set it up, the band can be used to work up a sweat with over 40 exercises and variations. Use the band for support in single leg squats (also called pistols), put your feet in the handles to do spider-push-ups, or sculpt your shoulders with the reverse fly. Any application of the band will pack on lean muscle and have you looking like a superhero in no time!

8. Tires
Zac Efron and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are starring in the up and coming Baywatch film, being two of the fittest men around. Everyone knows these guys are strong, but during filming these two had a competition of fitness and what they did was one of the manliest workouts around. Simply, they flipped tires. Tire workouts are hard to come by due to the difficulty of actually obtaining an old tractor tire (or multiple for that matter). Once you get a hold of one (commonly found in crossfit gyms), you will kill your body trying to move it. With different variations of excersises, you can flip car tires overhead, hook a rope to one and pull it, drag tires across the floor or you could grab a sledge hammer or bat and beat the hell out of the side. These workouts are commonly combined with different body weight exercises or sprints to really pull all the power out of your body. No matter the size, these tires will get you to new heights of fitness and leave you begging for more!

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